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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scrum Methodology - Quick Info

It is one of the unique methodologies of agile methodology.


It is an iterative, incremental framework for project management. It is a loose set of guidelines that govern the development process of a product, from its design stages to its completion. It aims to cure some common failures of the typical development process like a. chaos due to changing requirements, unrealistic estimates of time, cost and quality of the product.


1.     Daily Scrum meeting or daily stand up meeting: agenda:  what is done, what is planned for today, what are the problems in accomplishing the goal?
2.     Sprint planning meeting : Before each sprint cycle (7-30 days)starts, prepare sprint backlog, timelines,
3.     Sprint review meeting: done at the end of sprint cycle, review work completed and not completed, demo the work completed, do not demo incomplete work, 4 hour time will be allocated.
4.     Sprint retrospective meeting: done at the end of the sprint cycle. Questions are asked - what went well during the sprint and what could be improved in the next sprint. Make continuous process improvements

Sprint Burn Down Chart

1.      Depicts the total Sprint Backlog hours remaining per day.
2.      Shows the estimated amount of time to release.
3.      Ideally should burn down to zero to the end of the Sprint.

Scrum roles

1. Product Owner
2. Scrum Team
3. Scrum Master

 Click below for diagrammatic representation of scrum workflow and also for traditional diagram of scrum workflow