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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Test More n more

Testing it is just not a word but it is that act which gives value to the product developed by the developers. It is given more significance in present days but that value needs to be enhanced. Why, let’s see few examples of apps which were not tested perfectly and are in market with defect.
These points are based on an excellent article “Perhaps they should have tested more” presented by Joe in his blog. Thanks Joe.
1.    Apple Iphones: Have IPhones failed to make the Daylight Saving Time transition yet again?  iOS 4.1 users in Europe reported that their alarm clocks failed to account for the time change due to the end of Daylight Savings, which shifted their clocks back an hour at 2 am this morning. As a result, their alarms went off an hour too late.
2.    Skype: Supernodes not so super? Skype once again had a worldwide outage related to software problems in their supernodes
3.    Google Docs: A recently-introduced bug in Google Docs caused some documents to be shared with users who were specifically not authorized to see them.
4.    Microsoft Zune : Zune 30s all freezing up at once
5.    Target: National retailer Target Corp. has been shortchanging customers for months when they use some manufacturers' coupons.
6.    JP Morgan Chase : Millions of customers who bank online with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. lost electronic access to their accounts as the company's website suffered a severe outage starting Monday at 11:00 PM ET.
7.    Apple iPhone4: Recently, Apple iPhone 4 users have been complaining about poor reception when the phone was held certain ways. Without debating if the diminished reception is real or not, Apple has now figured out that the algorithm for calculating the number of bars to display has been wrong for a long time!
8.    Google Android: Who knew that simply texting the word "reboot" would actually cause a phone to reboot?
9.    Apple: A critical bug in Apple's Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 reportedly can wipe out users' account information when they open and close "guest" accounts.
10. McAfee: Due to a faulty virus definition update, machines running Windows XP Service Pack 3 using the faulty definitions will delete svchost.exe, causing many key Windows services to fail to start. This Windows file is being mistakenly detected as W32/wecorl.a. Failure to start svchost.exe causes Windows to automatically reboot.
11. 6Pm.com: 6pm.com, the sister site of Zappos, messed up the coding of business rules in their pricing engine, resulting in undercharging customers to the tune of approximately $1.6 Million.
12. StarBucks: For a couple of days in May, coffee giant Starbucks ended up double charging about 1 million of their U.S. and Canadian customers. 
13. TESCO: Giant UK supermarket chain Tesco has been unable to take money at a number of its stores following technical problems affecting its tills.
14. Manitoba Public Insurance: Everyone knows that a typo is a low-severity, low-priority bug, right?
Well as Manitoba Public Insurance learned, sometimes a typo which slips through into production can be a rather expensive proposition - both monetarily, and politically as well.
15. Zecco: On April 1, 2009, online brokerage site Zecco increased about 1% of their customers' Buying Power balances by millions of dollars. Some customers thought it was an April fool’s joke.  The real reason wasn't quite as funny.
16. Skynet: It's no surprise that self-aware systems will always turn on their creators - anyone could see that coming.  But buggy robots?  There's just no excuse. A robot forgets who she is.
17. DropBox: During a recent code push, web-based file storage firm Dropbox introduced a bug in their authentication mechanism - allowing unprotected access to accounts for four hours.
18. Netflix: Still waiting for your copy of Rambo, 27 Dresses, or The Bucket List to arrive from Netflix?  You may be waiting a while, and you may not be alone.

For more details on each bug visit Joe’s blog


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