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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to test search functionality

Every web application by default will contain search feature in it. Many search engines’ main functionality is search feature.
The parameters to be considered while developing this feature or testing this feature are not limited. There are many factors which should be looked in when checking the coverage and usability of the search text box in the application.
Preparation before testing the search functionality
1.       Note down the valid input details for the search feature.
2.       Find out the minimum and maximum range.
3.       Find out the depth of the search – document search, word in a document, image search
4.       Should document search display the size of the document also? Similarly for image?
5.       Any advanced search features like document or image type selection to refine the search are available?
6.       General set of input which can be given are
a.       A-Z
b.      a-z
c.       0-9
d.      {      [              (              ~             !              @            #             $              %            ^             &             *             `               |        \              :               ”              ;               ’               <             >             ?              ,               .               /              *             -        +             )              ]              }
e.      Blank spaces

Work with these inputs when testing the search functionality

1.       Special set of data which can be tried as input are
a.       2 blank spaces – These should be trimmed and error message should be displayed
b.      Blank spaces followed with special characters or numbers
c.       Special set like a* should give the results for all characters starting with a.
d.      Enter any sql query like “Select * from hello;” without quotes and with quotes.
e.      Search for tags.
f.        Search for hyperlinks should be performed.
2.       Search for documents. For advanced search feature, search with different valid and invalid types of documents. Document size should also be looked at.
3.       Search for images with their sizes, names and types.
4.       Any input data entered should return proper error message guiding to enter the correct input.
5.       Text in different panels of the page should be searched. For example if left panel of the web page contains menus and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks in that area should be searched properly. If menus are also in scope then they should also appear in the search results.
6.       Search response time should be checked.
7.       Try pressing “Enter” key instead of clicking “Search” button.
8.       Try searching in the page where a part of the page has form with Submit button.

Search results testing
DO not ignore the search results just because you got the results.
1.       Check number of results in each page.
2.       Check the count of the search results displayed in the page.
3.       Check if the search results are displayed by popularity or most viewed or any other criteria mentioned in the requirements.
4.       Proper messages should be displayed when there are no results.
5.       Each search result should contain one link and few lines containing the searched keyword. Link should navigate to the page where the keyword exists.
6.       Searched keyword should be highlighted in the search results page and also in the page where the keyword exists.
7.       Pagination of the search results should be tested.
8.       Number of search results display and the count should also be tested.


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Hey can you help with the test cases for Incident search screen for insurance domain?

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Also, appropriate auto suggestions are displayed on entering the input text.

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