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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want to spell check and grammar check your complete web application

Excellent tool to check spelling errors, grammar and broken links in complete web application.
If you want to crawl the entire web application and check for spelling mistakes, typo errors you  do not need to check each page manually. Let your application be multi-lingual web application, but it can check for the spellings.

Here is a super tool for it     Inspyder Software

Features at its best –

  1.        Check the spellings of the complete web application
  2.           Check the grammar mistakes of the complete web application
  3.           Check for the broken links
  4.           Lets you select any language as the dictionary against which spellings are compared.
  5.           Provides you to create a custom dictionary which contains a set of words which are not actually spelling mistakes in your application.
  6.           Provides good report based on your preferences.

Check the site http://www.inspyder.com for more features and tools of it.


Anonymous said...

Inspyder does a FANTASTIC job of checking spelling, but does not check grammar. (as of 3.26.12)

Aedd Karston said...

Thanks for this resource
grammar check

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