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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Factors for link testing

Link testing
Many feel its just clicking the links, but it is not so. It has many factors which are supposed to be checked when testing the links in any web application.

Factors for link testing

1. Check the link style- color,font,color when already visited
2. Check the tool tip for the link
3. Check the navigation of the link
- Navigating to a web page in same window
- Navigating to a web page in different window
- Opening a document in same page
- Opening a document in different window
- opening an image or video
4. Check the parameters saved in cookie if the application is localized
5. Any identification if it is an external link.
6. Performance of the link
7. Time taken for navigation of the link

There are many tools or link checkers which navigate through the complete web application and provide the list of breaking URLs.

I suggest Xenu link checker.

Observe these key factors when using link checker for testing links

1. Link checkers can take web page as input and local files also as input
2. When testing the links online, check if the link checker will crawl the complete web application or just consider the main page only.
3. What are the types of input the link checker can take - web page,excel
4. Does it have the option of excluding the external links
5. What types of output does it generate? - Excel,html file or any other
6. Does it provide the performance issues and time out issues also.


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