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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Estimation of the test effort

Estimation is the base step of any project. If it is not strong then the whole project and sometimes the client itself will be out of our hands.
It is not an easy task and not a difficult one too. Not every estimation is successful. Too much of estimation will lose the client and less estimation will scare the employee.
Balancing both and winning the project is what needs to be learned.

Here are the factors which should be considered before making estimation
1.       Technical
a.       Experience and Knowledge of test team in the technology which is used.
b.      Type of application – web application, executable file, games or any other.
c.       Technical dependencies (if development and testing team is not at one location).
d.      Tools used and their flexibility
2.       Functional
a.       Number of requirements free zed
b.      Number of critical functionalities
c.       Types of testing done – User interface testing, cross browser testing, localization testing and many more.
3.       Project level dependencies
a.       Project Scope
b.      Project methodology – Agile or Scrum
c.       Estimation model used
d.      Experience in previous project similar to this
e.      “Fixed cost” and “Time and Material” project
f.         Team size

Example estimation for a web application 

1.       Freezed requirements :
Let assume a web application has a feedback page which contains data fields and submit button.
It is a secured page.
It has to be checked for data validations.
Can opt for automation of the page.
Form submission should be tested.
2.       Types of testing required - Security testing, data validation testing, functionality testing, User interface testing and user acceptability testing.
3.       Tools - Can use any functional test tool like Winrunner.
4.       Critical functionalities - Security of the page, form submission.
5.       Minor functionalities - testing data fields display and validation.
Based on above factors we can prepare estimation for test effort.

Estimation sheet should contain
1.       Module name / Major functionality name / page name (based on how the project is divided).
2.       Test case preparation time
3.       Time for gathering data if database testing is included
4.       Test execution time
5.       Bug logging time
6.       Defect management time
7.       Regression time (at the end of the modules list)

Total number days = Number of total hours calculated / (Number of working hours * Number of test resources)


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