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Monday, February 21, 2011

Google helps you search and receive search results through email

To search and receive google search results through email. Just send an email to google@capeclear.com and enter the text of your query in the "Subject" line. You will receive the search results as email to your mail id.

Once you get the result for the searches... u can get the contents of a URL using the below feature!! To receive the web content of a url send email to web@pagegetter.com and subject should contain the URL whose content has to be fetched.
Thanks to the No-Internet and only MAILING community.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Check external links in excel

I thought
Testing or checking the hyperlinks which are navigating to external web page is a tedious task.

Searched for a tool very seriously which can test all the hyperlinks in excel and produce a report of the broken links.

Did not found any tool which can take excel with hyperlinks as the input and produce report.

Requirement was - An excel is available with many hyperlinks. I need to check each link and prepare a report of which one is working and which one is not working.

Finally got a solution

1. Copy only links from the excel which are to be tested to new excel sheet.
2. New excel sheet should not have any labels or any cells containing values other than hyperlinks type.
3. Save the excel as web page.
4. It will be saved as .html page.
5. Input this html page to any link checker which takes the web page as input.
6. See that "checking local links" option is set in the link checker.
7. This HTML page should be given as a file input to link checker rather than giving it with http protocol.
8. Obviously you will get the report from the link checker.
9. If the link checker has the option to save the report in excel then its good and best for you.