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Friday, March 5, 2010

Software Test cycle

Requirements analysis
Checking for the number of Modules in the requirement document
Preparing requirement traceability matrix and checking for the sufficiency of the requirements
Gather the doubts about the requirements from the document and getting them clarified from the client
Test plan preparation
Preparation of functional test requirements
Dividing the test requirements into test cases
Checking for the data required for the test case
Classifying the test case into small or medium or complex
Calculation of the time and effort required for the test case
Test effort estimation
Classification of test cases into small, medium and complex
Analyzing the time and effort required based on the type of test case.
Test case preparation
Preparation of test case title, steps to execute, gathering data for the test case if required, expected result and actual result.
Test case execution
Checking if the test environment is perfect by doing smoke test. Then proceeding for the test execution.
If the smoke test is success. Executing the test case as the steps to execute are written.
If the smoke test failed. Reporting the high severity error immediately after thorough checking and proceeding after confirmation received from the client.
Making note of the defects in the defect tracking tool along with the
i. Image if possible
ii. Actual steps executed
iii. Actual result occurred
iv. Data used for testing
v. Number of occurrences of the defect
vi. URL if possible
Defect management
Making note of the number of defects along with URL, environment, date, time, and number of defects and person who produced the defect.
Defects should be reported to the client and should be declared as bug when confirmed as defect.
Provide a severity and priority to the bug and assign it to the correct developer based on client’s instructions.
Try to reproduce the same bug in the next environment based on client’s instructions.
Change the status of the bug accordingly and the person to whom it should be assigned.


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